Baby Gates - Best Summer Child Safety Gate

 We all realize just how adventurous little children can be, and one way we can help provide a safe environment for our baby or toddler is by using baby gates. These are designed to place across a doorway or entrance in order to keep the baby safe from potential danger. Many times they are used at the bottom or top of stairs for obvious safety reasons.

Once a baby starts to crawl, they can get themselves into all sorts of dangerous situations, and they can move so quickly when you least expect it. A surprisingly large number of small children either die or are seriously injured as a result of accidents that happen at home.


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Using safety equipment is one way to help ensure your baby is safe. There are always areas around the home, where you would want to be able to prevent or limit access; stairways, kitchens, or media rooms are some examples. You might also want to prevent your child from being able to venture outside to either the back or the front of the house, where they might end up unexpectedly on a driveway, out in the street, or fall into a pond.

There is bound to be the right barrier to suit the areas that you need to cordon off. Doorways are common, but what about wider doorways or larger access ways between living areas? You will be pleased to know there is something for almost any situation. Many of these gates are expandable, and if you get the right one, you can span quite a large distance.

There are concertina folding, sliding and swinging style gates; some are detachable, or even retractable. You can also get mini-fences that are suitable for traveling, or made out of a washable cloth. Most baby gates are made from either timber or metal and the metal types might have either bars or mesh.

The portable travel gates are a great option, because the sides not only collapse and fold together, so that it fits into a carry bag, but they don't require any fixtures in order to install into a doorway. They work by utilizing a spring-loaded bar with a turning mechanism to lock the rubber grips into place, therefore staying put due to the outward pressure applied to the door-frame or wall.

These portable versions while excellent for traveling, are not so suitable for more permanent solutions because they are not as easy for an adult to pass through the doorway or access. You either have to loosen and re-tighten it, or step over it, and this gets a bit inconvenient over time. There are other styles that will suit much better longer term use.




Some of the clever designs include those that are fixed to the opening, but have a swinging gate section which allows easier access for an adult to pass through. Others are detachable from their fixtures to make it easier for when you don't need the barrier.

Child gates are made by a number of excellent brands including Summer baby gate models, First Years, Munchkin, Regalo, KidCo, Richell, Evenflo and others. These brands receive the best reviewst and actually tend to be quite affordable if not downright cheap when bought from an online retailer. The best baby gate is the one that fits your needs. It may need to be long and protect from the fireplace or it may just need to cater to your exploration-bound toddler and pet!

There are so many options available with baby gates, that you are bound to find the perfect one to suit your needs and to help keep your baby safe. Just consider the main purpose you want it, and where you want to use it and then choose the best one to fit that situation.