Pet Gates - Best Dog & Cat Safety Gate & Barriers

 Pet gates are very similar to the sort of barrier you would use for your baby, however, there are some different things you need to be aware of, as they are not always interchangeable. Pretty much all baby barrier's can be used for pets, however, it not the case the other way around.

With the type you would use for a child, you have to be aware of extra safety factors and make sure they pass approved certification, whereas with a pet barrier, this is not required. As an example for pets you can use a freestanding type, but this is not recommended for a child, as they might climb, or fall on it and topple it over.


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If you own an indoor pet, I don't have to tell you about the extra work, particularly if you have carpeted areas. Even well trained animals can have 'accidents' that can stain your carpet and leave odors that are almost impossible to remove. This is where having a partition which prevents access to certain areas provides a great solution.

If you also happen to have small children crawling around the house, for the sake of hygiene you will likely not want your baby crawling on the floor where animals have been playing. Babies are inclined to put everything in their mouths including their own hands, so crawling around on a floor where animals also have free access poses health risks to your child.

Being able to 'fence' off a space that can keep animals in their area, as well as your child in theirs, you can keep a clean space for baby to play. This is the perfect solution for pet lovers with children. It also allows the animals and the baby to interact with some supervision and keeps your animals happy being still close to the family.

When looking at pet gates, the type you choose will depend on the area you want to block off, as well as the type of pet you are trying to contain. As with gates in general, the adjustable barriers also have a number of options available. These are great to expand out to cover a wider doorway or opening, and are often a concertina folding type which provides it's own support. Other freestanding models have feet to provide support and stability. Having an adjustable barrier means you can use it in different areas around your home.




If you own a boisterous dog, then you might want to consider the fixed options rather than the stand alone ones, however, for most pets they should be fine. Whether you choose the type of gate that is fixed or a freestanding design, you will find there is also a choice of the type of materials used to make them. Timber is popular , and will often compliment the surrounds of your home, however, the metal options have also been finished nicely with a choice of colors to match your decor.

A pet gate from the right brand will last a long time and provide years of faithful service. Some of the best brands include North States, Richell One Touch, Carlson and others. You can use a pressure mounted model or an extra tall, walk through model or even an expandable and retractable model! It can work for a puppy as well as a cat, if you choose the right one! Pet barriers are even quite decorative if you pick a wood model that's made for indoor use or a metal model that matches the rest of your home!

Price is another thing that can vary. Just remember not to compromise safety issues for price. Hopefully, I have provided some helpful information that will make choosing the best pet gates for your home and family needs a whole lot easier.